marco island corvettes and muscle cars

The show at the Naples airport is always a fun event. $20 fee and you even get some soggy pancakes and a coffee!
Click on the following link for the registration form, it will save you time at the gate:

knights of columbus car show
Our favorite show of the year. You can't miss this one. We will have spots reserved for us. Make sure you get there by 8:15 am or you can get shut out. A few of us will get there early to make sure we have our spots roped off.

The West Coast Muscle Car show is always a great event. You have to pre-register as space is limited.  
click on the following link to register:

                                               Larry working hard at the Harley show

If you have any questions please E-mail us at

Trivia Answer: 1968 was the first year AM/FM stereo was offered as an option.

Our Mission

  We don't have a mission. The clubs only goal is to provide a fun meeting place place for Marco Corvette and Muscle Car owners. .

   To show off your pride and joy

   To have a great excuse to take your Vette out for a ride at least once a week.

   To make some new friends with common interests