Easy Engine Bay Spruce Up
by The Vette Nut's

Most Corvette catalogs have entire sections that are dedicated to Engine Bay customization. Carbon fiber, chrome and brushed aluminium covers, bolts and various gee gaws abound. As most Corvette owners are boy's at heart we delight in all things bright and shiny.
The cost of some of these baubles can be somewhat prohibitive. Carbon fiber components seem to be all the rage. The problem is that ounce for ounce carbon fiber is more valuable than gold. That being said most of us opt for the high end painted engine cover up pieces. Painted dress up components also tend to have an inflated price tag attached to them.

If you want to customize your vehicles engine bay but don't want to pay the high price of admission there is only one answer. Do it yourself. You already have the basic components, valve covers, surge tank, washer tank, alternator etc.. Why re buy these items if you can refinish them yourself?

Painting your factory plastic components is the easiest way to go. Krylon Fusion is a paint that is specially designed for use on plastic.

It is available at just about any hardware chain like ACE or True Value. If you are contemplating taking on this project use the Krylon Fusion paint, end of story.

The safest way to paint your under hood components is to remove them and paint them away from your car. Under hood components can be painted in the engine bay using the utmost of care and precaution. This means taking the time to completely tape and mask the vehicles fenders, hood and surrounding engine parts. We know that most of you will want to take the easy way out so we painted the radiator surge tank and windshield washer tank in place. There should be no problems with the easy method if you take the time to properly mask and tape.


The engine covers and fuse box cover snap right off and should be painted in a remote location. When spray painting remember that less is more. It is better to apply several very light coats of paint to a surface than a heavy coat. Several light passes should be applied while holding the spray can about 12 inches from the surface. If you take your time the finish will look as good as anything that the after market can supply. You can also buy a set of acrylic letters that will really set off the look.

One item that we do recommend is an after market battery well cover, Mid America and Ecklers carry them.

Get out your Dremel roto tool and attach a wire polishing wheel to it. Now go to work on the alternator the results are worth it.