C6 Clutch Maintenance - You Can Do It
by The Vette Nut's

If you have been driving your C6 and have experienced a soft or hanging clutch peddle there is an easy remedy. The C6 hydraulic clutch system has a propensity for accumulating prodigious amounts of dust, water and other nasty material.
If left unchecked this fouled fluid will cause erratic clutch action and may even leave you with a clutch peddle that hangs up between shifts. Fortunately the fix and prevention is an easy task.

For starters take a look at the color of the hydraulic fluid that resides in your cars clutch reservoir. If the fluid is a murky brown in color the fluid need to be changed. Go down to your local GM dealer and purchase a few bottles of super duty DOT-4 brake and clutch fluid GM PN# 88958860. This is the fluid that is recommended for use in your C6. Be prepared to pay about $9 for an eight and a half ounce can of this stuff. 

The jury is still out on the use of cheaper DOT-4 fluids available in the Mart stores. Most people we know say they use Prestone brand DOT-4 synthetic fluid with good results. As far as we are concerned you should listen to the General and stick with the factory brand.

The clutch reservoir is located next to the brake fluid reservoir.
Protect your fenders and the surrounding areas as clutch fluid will eat through your paint.

Carefully twist and pull to get the cap off. Clean off the rubber fluid gasket under the cap with a clean rag.
Using a syringe, turkey baster or other fluid drawing device, suck out the dirty fluid in the clutch reservoir. We used a rubber infant nasal aspirator with great results.

Squeeze the old fluid into a plastic bottle for proper disposal.

Refill the reservoir with fresh fluid. Place the cap back on the reservoir. Get in your car and repeatedly depress the clutch peddle to the floor about thirty times. Repeat the drain, refill and clutch peddle depress process until the fluid in the reservoir looks clear. It took us ten refills until the fluid cleared up.

This procedure may have to be repeated once per week over the course of a month until the fluid remains clear. This may sound like a pain in the ass but the results are definitely worth it.

The Vette Nuts